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SUCCESS STORY of our tiny curly girl!

September was coming to its end with big rains and cold nights and there they were...a littler of 5.

They were left alone without their mother, at the age of 1 month old or less, crawling through a pile of garbage, beneath the trash containers.

We built them a shelter from cardboard boxes but they were all wet the next morning and scooped together warming one another.

Puppies weighted 800-900grams each

But happy lives smiled at them and this is Tallulah story:

,,Can’t believe this beautiful little girl Tallulah has been with us for 8 months.

I can remember the day she was arriving from Romania on the bus. We waited so patiently for her, we couldn’t wait for her to arrive. Finally the bus pulled up and out she came, our little fur baby, the cutest thing and the best thing we have ever done thanks to MISI's Animal Rescue who arranged everything for us from start to finish. We would not be without her.

Thank you 🙏 to all the ladies at MISI’s from the bottom of our heart 💜''

It’s lovely that the 5 siblings are all homed in the UK.

3 of the puppies have met up, they’re all delightful!


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