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💙Vegas ( was Sam )

Poor Vegas, back then Sam and his sister Sunny were dumped right next to a very busy street. The look on their faces was telling us everything we needed to know- they were sentenced to end badly if it hadn't been for their rescuer who opened the door and let them in her car. Soon they were safe and their carer looked after them until each has found its own family <3

,,We got our wee pup back in March and from the time we applied till he was in my arms only took three weeks.

They are very strict about who gets the dogs, you need to have pet insurance, get them registered with a vet and have phone calls, video calls and send pictures of where the dog will be going to live, and to make sure you have jobs that you can be there for the dog and not out all day.

The happy bus he arrived in was immaculate and the drivers were so nice, we had had updates the whole journey and pictures, you track them on an app. We had wonderful pictures and videos of our pup the whole time we had to wait, which was so nice, as you can see how well cared for the dog is.

I can’t speak highly enough of the women who run the site and we are just so thankful to them for our pup Vegas, he has enriched our lives and gave us a new lease of life. He was so terrified when he 1st got here but now feels like he has been here forever. He his the most loving, affectionate, playful and loyal dog we have ever had and been able to take him in the car no bother has meant plenty holidays away since we got him."

❤Thank you all again ladies you are just angels xxx

(Vegas, adopted in March )

Lorraine, UK


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