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Beth was a forest’s child who was found one cloudy day in the middle of the woods as one of the 3 puppies. The 3 of them were so tiny and helpless that it was impossible to just leave them there.

Sadly Beth’s siblings passed away from parvo and only Beth survived.

,,We contemplated adding a dog to our family for a little while. With home working becoming the norm for us, we decided the time was right. We were wanting a young dog with the hope that it would be easier to introduce to our other fur family members - 2 rescue cats and our chinchilla.

We had been looking various places and contacted local rescues with no luck. It was then we happened to see lots of dogs from overseas looking for a home. To be honest, it was a bit overwhelming at first. I spoke with a friend who adopted her dog from Romania and she reassured me about all the checks and measures in place.

There were so many photos of dogs seeking homes but our friend said we would see that one photo of that one dog and we will know it is right.

This is exactly how things started with Beth.

Her photo appeared, we fell in love immediately, went through the adoption process and were successful.

She has been with us 6 months now and we feel so so lucky to have her join our family. She is the most friendly, playful, cheeky and loving wee dog and it felt right from the moment she arrived.

She has brought endless joy to our lives and makes us laugh every single day. We aim to give Beth the best life we can. She has been on several trips around Scotland with us and is so well behaved.

The girls at MISI were amazing throughout the whole process and always answered any questions we had fully. We had lots of questions initially and Martina was so patient and helpful. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend adopting through MISI."

(Beth, adopted in February)

~Caroline, UK


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