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A success story of one gorgeous boy who once was a part of the most beautiful litter!

,,In 2021 we knew we were ready to get a dog.

We were originally a little sceptical about adopting from an overseas home, purely because the logistics and planning seemed like it would complex and possibly not reliable - how wrong we were.

Given confidence by my sister who had already adopted through MISI, we reached out and began the process. We had some great video calls with the MISI gals and with Archie, the dog we had fallen in love with from the website.

The anticipation of waiting for him to arrive was very intense, but we were put at ease and made to feel more comfortable by the constant communication from the moment the dogs left the centre to when he arrived at our front door.

Archie is a quirky character - he absolutely LOVES playing rough and tumble with other dogs, despite their size and stature, but the moment he is inside he is the calmest pooch you could ever imagine. We often have people comment about how well behaved and calm he is.

We were so happy with the process and communication from Misi from the very beginning through to even now where we can keep touch with other rescued pups through the misi social channels.

Thank you for bringing Archie to our lives- we are a brilliant little family and we can’t believe we were ever debating this journey 😊''

By Katey Goree, UK


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