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Azra, alongside her brother Aron, was found by the side of a busy road in the city by rescuer Slobodanka when they were just 4 weeks old. Aron and Azra both grew up in foster with the MISI girls taking care of them and making sure they were happy and healthy until they were sterilised and ready to find their new homes...

(Azra. Born January 2020 - 7 months on arrival. Adopted in August 2020.)

"We had never adopted a dog before Azra, and went fully on trust and on the love we felt just seeing pictures of Azra online. We were amazed that we only had to pay the travel fee when so many agencies ask for hundreds of pounds on top of the normal fees.

Throughout the process, we had video calls with Azra, many many pictures updating us on how she was, discussions on if we wanted her to have been spayed, what her needs might be... The entire process was very very transparent and friendly.

When Azra arrived, we didn’t know what to expect. Having been told that all rescues are nervous we thought it would take ages for her to settle in. However, Azra was obviously brought up amazingly well as she was extremely confident day 1, wanting to play by the end of the week and behaving well on her lead.

She has since become a part of our family. We love this dog with all our hearts and can’t imagine life without her. We still hear from the Serbian ladies regularly to check in on Azra and give us advice about anything should we need it.

All this is to say, thank you so much to the Serbian queens for our fur goddess. She has made 2020 great and brought us so many smiles and cuddles since."

Ollie - London, UK


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