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He was rescued in March last year, found wandering alone out of town, abandoned, and far too slim, covered in wounds made by other dogs. He has been in the boarding house for months ever since whilst he made his recovery and made lots of pals.

And after a few unsuccessful attempts of adoption and almost a year spent in the boarding house, our lovely Claire appeared with her determination to adopt Bruno.

,,Bruno came to our home in February 2021. We fell in love with him the minute we saw his photo and we were so happy when we were chosen it was like winning the lottery.

I feel like we have never been without him, he has settled in so well and completed our family."

,,Bruno makes us smile and laugh out loud every day. He is such a character and extremely intelligent. Being an older dog of 3 meant that Bruno was finding it hard to find a home but I will never understand why he is so loving and placid and so well behaved. I would highly recommend adopting an older dog.

He greets us every morning with a smile and a wagging tail and we still can’t believe he is ours. "

( Bruno-adopted in January 2021 in the UK)

,,At first we were a bit worried about adopting from abroad but the process was so straight forward and the communication outstanding. The girls at Misis are amazing for what they are doing and have been so supportive throughout the whole process, we can’t thank them enough."

Claire, London


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