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"Myself and my 13 year old daughter had been searching since March 2020 for a rescue dog. With no experience as previous owners, living in London and with dogs in high demand due to the global pandemic it was seemingly impossible to adopt… I had given up… Until by chance, I saw a post on Facebook by Martina looking for homes for a group of stunning pups.

I messaged Martina and enquired, and having spoken to her in depth about what I was looking for, we decided between us that the dogs I had initially enquired about may not be for me.

I asked her if she had any other young pups available and the first photo she sent me was of Daphne (previously Bella). We fell in love straight away – she was perfect!

Daphne {previously Bella} arrived in the UK in December 2020

Martina answered all my questions and reassured me of any concerns I had. The process was reassuring and thorough. When we had our home video call, Martina exuded kindness and love, along with Daphne’s foster carer who joined the call.

After a gruelling journey from Serbia to London, Daphne turned up at our house on 8th December 2020. She has been with us for 7 weeks now and has really settled. She is the most adorable little dog, unique in every way, learning so quickly and makes us laugh every day. Seeing her face every morning, excited to see us, is the highlight of our day.

I can not thank Martina and the team enough, I really hope they know how life changing and incredible their work is."

Natalie Rogers - London, UK


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