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We love happy endings, don't we?

This now long legged beauty was barely a 2 months old puppy when someone separated her from her litter which was left in front of the elementary school. This baby was found in an opposite side of the town in a small alley and was scooped in a box by a man who took her inside saving her from the cold night and asked for our help.

,,My husband and I had wanted to adopt a dog for a long time but only decided to pursue it when we knew we were moving out of our small apartment into a bigger property with lots of green surroundings! We actively started our search at the beginning of 2020 - turned out, everyone else also wanted a puppy/dog as the pandemic hit the UK. We had no luck - every shelter in the UK was inundated with applications. I was certain that I would only adopt a rescue (my previous dog was also rescue) so we would wait till we found our dog.

Towards the end of 2020 I stumbled across MISI Rescue on Facebook. My husband started speaking to Martina at MISI Rescue and shared our story with her. As we kept the conversation open and going she contacted us shortly after and said that they had a puppy called Balu who she thought might suit us - a super friendly girl.

We fell in love with her photograph immediately. We organised a video call with Martina who introduced us to Balu at the foster. Balu had been found on the street and we believe, had been separated from her litter. She was super friendly and affectionate with her foster. After assuring Martina and the wonderful women at MISI Rescue of our commitment, they agreed Balu could come to her forever home here with us.

Balu when found

A few weeks later, Balu arrived off the happy bus after travelling for three days. We could not believe it. A trembling, nervous 5.5 month old pup arrived and the lovely man who brought her to us said to her “don’t worry you’re home now”. We renamed her Frankie. Frankie has been with us now for almost a year. Raising a puppy is no walk in the park, especially a rescue who comes to you as an older pup but she is part of our family. She is spoiled with love and support! She is super friendly, boisterous and fiercely independent. When I went into labour with our baby she stayed by my side and wouldn’t leave me until we had to go to the hospital. When I was recovering at home she lay with me. She has been wonderful with our new family addition (always supervised, don’t worry!).

We continue to work on our training and she has already come a long way. Martina has continued to check in with us to see how Frankie is getting on and there is a wonderful Facebook group for all the rescue parents so it’s really nice to see how everyone is doing!

We couldn’t imagine our lives without her. I would urge all people to strongly consider adoption over buying a puppy. Having said that, I would also urge anyone considering adopting a dog to make sure that you are 110% committed. It’s hard work; you need patience and dedication. And not only that, that you have the ability to create a support network because you might need one: money to pay vet bills, a trainer and/or a behaviourist to support your training journey. Frankie is making huge progress because we were thankfully able to put those things in place. Not all dogs require this of course, but we’re very grateful that we’ve been able to support her confidence building in a way that’s seeing her thrive. Especially with a new baby in our lives it was important to us that she continued to feel as secure and loved as possible! This was also important to the MISI rescue team and something that was discussed at length before she came home to us.

Frankie is smart, playful, caring, loud 🤪, friendly, stubborn, protective and a hunter! She continues to make us laugh (and curse 🤣) on a regular basis. We can’t imagine our little bundle of energy will one day be an old girl. We like to think that we have given her a very happy home but she has given us that love back in spades. We love her so much and are so grateful that we found MISI Rescue."

Vanessa & Henry - Essex, UK x


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