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,,We adopted George back in November 2020 when he was just a tiny, scared 5-month-old puppy.

(November 2020.)

He’s now a gangly, goofy, beautiful dog who loves nothing more than to run around and play with other dogs or curl up into a ball on the sofa and sleep. We’ve been so lucky with George and couldn’t have asked for a better dog to welcome into our home. One of the great things about rescuing from MISI's Rescue is the MISI community and to be able to talk to others who have rescued dogs. We’ve been able to keep in touch with George’s siblings' owners and it’s been a joy to compare the similarities and differences between the pups over the past year. It has also helped massively with training and managing George’s behaviour. The MISI community really is a great support network.

The team at MISI's Rescue, especially Martina, were so helpful and made the adoption process as easy as possible. At the time we were anxious about adopting from abroad after hearing lots of horror stories but Martina took the time to talk through all our concerns and we were quickly put at ease. We had absolutely no reason to worry, they took such great care of George and all the other rescue doggos on their journey to the UK.

In fact, we were so happy with MISI's Rescue, when my sister started looking for a rescue dog, I told her to look no further and now she’s also adopted her beautiful rescue dog, Archie, from MISI's."

~(George with Archie)

by Sarah Gore, UK


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