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Can you believe this awesomely good looking stud was once a stray dog in a town where his life was severely jeopardized ?

The entire pack of dogs he was a part of was gone in only a couple of weeks due to poisoning.

Here he is, celebrating his very first Christmas as a true family member🌹

,,My partner first applied to adopt Gizmo without me knowing.

We’d been looking into getting a dog for a while but it was still a surprise to leave the house for a couple of hours and come back to discover we were half way through adopting one.

She said she’d done it because she saw him and she just knew he was the one for us and she was that excited that she did the application straight away.

When I met him I understood why.

My partner rushed home from work to make sure she could meet him when he arrived. We’d spent ages preparing the house, getting him new toys, trying to make him feel welcome.

Straight away he knew he was staying. He settled in so fast we couldn’t believe it. He is the most loving, friendly, kind hearted dog we have ever met and when he came into our house for the first time he made himself comfortable on the sofa and offered us love. From that moment on, he wanted to be close to us receiving all the affection he could have. He’s got his quirks.

Shoe stealing, jumping on top of you like a big heavy lump, and standing on the windowsill when he doesn’t get his way, but he’s already part of the family. We couldn’t imagine life without him.

We can’t thank Misi’s enough for what they’ve done for us. We love Gizmo with all our hearts and if you are thinking of getting a dog we can’t encourage you to adopt more. Gizmo has just as much love and joy to give as any puppy/dog and he’s such a sweet boy. There are so many other dogs like Gizmo that deserve a chance to be loved the way we love him.


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