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"Our son and his girlfriend adopted their dog Ronnie through the 4 Serbian Girls. When we decided it was time to find a friend for our Romanian rescue dog Nemo, after our other dog sadly passed away in 2019, they put us in touch with the girls to discuss a suitable match.

Jenny was roughly 18 months old at the time, had just been spayed and was ready to find a new home. She had been rescued from another home where she wasn't living a great life, but was doing well in foster with the other dogs. She is so cute - nobody could say no to that face! - so we agreed to adopt her.

Jenny - roughly 18 months old at the time of her adoption in the UK in November 2020

The process was smooth, we filled in an application form and had a video call to show the girls our home and so that we could meet Jenny, and after everything was agreed we awaited a transport date which came around quickly!

Jenny was understandably nervous coming into a new home and has been quite bossy while she finds her feet! But she is a very sweet, loving girl and loves nothing more than a cuddle and to play with her big brother. She is healthy and happy, and is enjoying being a part of family life."

Claire Goldsmith - Surrey, UK


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