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Luna & Millie

"I have adopted two dogs now from these amazing ladies.

What really stood out for me when I approached them to adopt is the time they took to introduce me to the dogs. I had quite specific needs what with children, a cat and needing a sociable dog. Together with the foster family I was able to get a clear idea of the nature and character of both dogs and I can say with neither there haven’t been any nasty surprises.

Luna, who arrived in the UK in September 2020 at 7 months old, and Millie, who arrived in November 2020 at 3 years old.

The dog I adopted first was Una {now Luna} who was 7 months at the time and had never lived with a cat. The ladies arranged for her to move to a foster family with cats so that we could be assured she wouldn’t be aggressive although, as with all animals they still needed time to get used to each other.

Milica {now Mille}, my second dog, was 3 and a lot more timid as she had been through quite an ordeal on the streets including having had pups. She settled in much more quickly than we expected but is still on the timid side, which again we expected.

Overall, I trusted in these ladies and they matched us with two wonderful dogs who have enriched our family. We are forever grateful to them!"

Faye Ballard - UK


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