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When Lunar was found she was only a few months old and alone. No one knows if she was dumped or her mother died, but she was left to fend for herself so the girls took her in and kept her warm and fed, and called her Roxy.

(Roxy {now Lunar}. Adopted in September 2020.)

"The girls at MISI's were very good at doing home checks. They were thorough and wanted a lot of information and videos, and we had a couple of facetime chats. Once we were both happy to go ahead they organised everything as quickly as they could to get her to us.

We changed her name to Lunar which she has taken too fine.

We send over pictures and videos every now and then so that the ladies they know she is happy and well cared for and they are always grateful to hear how she is doing. These girls are amazing at what they do and all they want is to help the dogs get their forever family, and to be happy and taken care of."

Fiona Cleary - UK

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