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Mia & Skipper

In early September 2020, we lost our beloved dog, Millie. We’d had her for nearly 18 years and she was one of the family. At first, we couldn’t bear the thought of replacing her but having had dogs all our married lives it quickly became apparent that life wasn’t complete without a dog.

We decided that we wanted two dogs as company for each other and I tentatively started to look around for a rescue dogs but it became obvious that there were few around in the UK, due to Covid. They’d all been snapped up by people finding that they could now work from home.

I finally looked on Facebook and came across Martina who had posted a picture of a beautiful dog called Meg. That was how we first got into conversation.

I was very impressed by the rigorous screening process. A long questionnaire to complete and also a video tour of our house and garden was required. This assured us that we were dealing with people who wanted the best for the dogs and weren’t in the business of making a ‘quick buck.’

Martina sent me pictures of other dogs in the care of the girls at MISI's Animal Rescue and we found Mia, our 18 months old terrier. Everything Martina told us about her was true. She said she was gentle, loving and timid, which she was, for about a week after her arrival. She’s now confident, still gentle and so very loving. She’s an amazing runner and loves our daily walks in the countryside.

Because we liked the look of Meg, Martina sent me pictures of another street dog that they had just found, at around 4-5 months old and he does indeed look like Meg. We couldn’t have him straight away as Martina said, “He will have to stay a while at fosters, so we can observe him mentally and physically.” They take such great care! We named him Skipper and he came over five weeks after Mia and was by then 7 months old.

They often cuddle together as in the last picture. Mia is the terrier and Skipper the blond pup. Both were adopted in 2020.

By this time, Mia was well and truly settled and we did wonder if she’d accept him. We needn’t have worried, they are great company for us and each other. Skipper was also just as described. Great with people and other dogs. Again, a very affectionate, fun loving and gentle dog and so well behaved for a puppy.

We had seen both dogs on a video call with Martina and co and then to our delight we were told that we could adopt them both. Martina made sure that they were both lead trained before they came over as she didn’t want them frightened on the journey when they would be let out to pee etc. They really do have the dog’s best interest at heart.

We only had to pay the transportation fees and yet both dogs were up to date with necessary vaccinations, microchipped and had a pet passport. We couldn’t fault the process of adopting from MISI's Animal Rescue. They were brilliant throughout.

We’re still in touch and sometimes send pictures of the dogs’ progress and exchange messages. Both dogs have settled so well and seem incredibly well adjusted for rescue dogs. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a rescue dog…in fact I already have recommended them to two friends."

Helen Gard - UK


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