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Autumn 🍁-Sponsored


Thank you Angel Grant Treadwell for sponsoring and naming this little furball Autumn🍁You truly are an angel to our petit girl as your donation will help keep this little gall safe and well-fed until she's a little bigger and ready to find her forever home. x

Her story...

This little lady is another puppy who was dumped outside one of our team member's offices. Ivana heard her cries and set off to find where they were coming from... and saw this perfect little face waiting for her!

She's only a young girl - maybe only 2 months old. Who could leave her is beyond us! She is perfect. Healthy, bouncy, incredibly friendly and loves to be around us and the other dogs.

She's not old enough to be adopted yet, so needs a helping hand to get her big, strong and vaccinated until she's ready to find her forever home. Can you help?


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