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"Our family dog Tess had passed away in January 2020 which left us all heart broken. In October, I decided it was time to get my own dog. I work in the animal industry and the shop has loads of doggy visitors a day and it became too hard not having my own!

I had decided I wanted another rescue, as Tess was from a local rescue in the UK. After coming across lots rescues from abroad in my work and hearing their stories, I’d decided to look into rescuing one. With help from one of my friends after some time of looking I was sent Martina’s post for four little puppies.

I had been looking for and active dog as I have a horse and these guys looked like pointers and when I saw Pancho’s face (then Casper) I just knew I needed him!

I messaged Martina trying not to get my hopes up as I knew they would receive a lot of interest. However Martina got back to me pretty quick and I was put at ease straight away by how friendly she was! I filled out a form and she got back to me quickly yet again saying she loved my application! We had a chat and exchanged pictures and she made sure I understood this was likely to be an active breed as she has pointers herself, which I thought was great of her to do!

We also had a video call where I got to see Pancho and ask questions in person. Pretty soon he was on his way over to me in the van, which we able to track along the way and was great!

I can’t thank Martina enough for being so friendly and putting up with my 101 questions. She also checked up on me once Pancho arrived which was super sweet. And to make it even better there’s a lovely adopters group where I can get to keep up to date with all Pancho’s siblings and all the other lovely adopted dogs!

In return I have Pancho... He’s exactly what I wanted and comes to work with me where he makes a very good salesman! All the girls in the rescue do such an amazing job and I’m forever thankful for them helping me find my boy!"

Kirsty Walker - Edinburgh, UK


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