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💙 Sammy 💙

,,Unfortunately in April 2021 I lost my dear dad to cancer and then in tragic circumstances our lovely dog Reuben. After a while I began to miss having a dog in my life and decided to look for a new friend.

I would never buy a puppy as I believe there are to many dogs in the world without homes. Because I now only work 18 hours a week and am married and my husband is at home all the time I thought it would be easy but no in England, although there are so many homeless dogs it was so difficult.

And then out of the blue a little fella called Simba popped up on my Facebook page. My heart immediately melted, but, he was in Romania, this would be so difficult I thought. But worth a shot for this little darling. I completed the application form and after that the wonderful ladies from Misi's guided me through the process.

The day I was told my little boy was coming I was so excited. At 2am on Sunday the 27th July 2021 my boy arrived, throughout his journey I had been given constant information about his long journey and knew that he was fine and in good hands. When I stood outside my home, now his home, under the moonlight and a man put this little heap of fur into my arms my heart melted and all the trauma and sadness of losing my dad and my wonderful boy Reuben melted away, I knew this little boy needed me.

Simba now Sammy as been with us for only 8 months but he is a special part of our family, my sister doesn't care if she never sees me again so long as she sees Sammy her favourite nephew. We have been so lucky, Sammy settled in immediately, no accidents in the house, very little destruction a few coat sleeves, always mine, and numerous beds,i think the woman in the pet shop thinks I have a 100 dogs because I am always buying new beds.

I try to give Sammy the best dogs life I can. He loves to play in my horses stables, rolling in the shavings, burying things in the horses beds, eating their corn and also their mints. Luckily the horses are used to dogs so tolerate him. Long country walks sometimes with his doggy friends, sometimes just us but either way he doesn't care so long as he can run around the fields. His recall is already excellent with the help of some cheese! And then me, Sammy as helped me to grieve for my dad and my wonderful Reuben. I would do anything for him and will never hurt him or let anyone ever hurt him and that is what I tell him every night before he goes to sleep. As for the amazing ladies at MISI'S I can not thank them enough and wish I could do more to help them."

by Heather Morris, UK


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