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Just as the sunflower needs the sun, so does SARAH long for the closeness of a human.

She was wandering the streets in a village, looking all shaggy but surprisingly happy.

Months had passed by and she was still there, living the life she had only known of-she knew how to look after herself, she respected the hierarchy of the street dogs and day after day her waggy tail would come to greet us. She was hungry but not into food as much as she was asking for affection.

A mischievous little wiggly bum needs a loving home to finally be spoiled rotten as she deserves,🏡🐶🧡

Things you should know about SARAH

✔️between 1.5-2 years old

✔️mixed breed

✔️Weighs around 10-12kg

  • lives indoors as a real family member, sleeps wherever she finds it comfortable fully enjoying home comforts.

  • House and toilet trained from day 1. However, stress due to travel will cause her to have toilet accidents in the beginning.

  • while living on streets she used to chase cats but with no intention to hurt them so will definitely need some time to desensitize and get used to their presence. Currently not living with any

  • She lives with many dogs and puppies and gets along great with them, both alpha and other types of dogs in the household. She respects the hierarchy and is quite playful and lively around them.

  • but her favourite thing on this planet are humans. People who would cuddl, be around, and spend time with her. She is eagerly waiting for someone who'll devote themselves to her and vice versa.

  • Sarah loves to run and be in the yard with others, having fun but she'll always prefer more to be laid on a sofa and snuggled with a hooman. She must be tired of wandering around and loves the safety and coziness of a home

  • good with kids, but because she can be disrespectful with the personal space of others the kids should be dog savvy.

  • not lead trained, will need some practice

  • healthy, fully vaccinated and spayed

How do you adopt Sarah?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check and an adoption contract.

You will need to pay for Sarah's transportation, and pay for the paperwork to get her to you.

The costs are typically €550 in total per puppy, depending on where you are located.

We used to be able to charge a little less but unfortunately, due to brexit, the costs of passports, documentation and travel have been increased by our suppliers.

For more information please contact our facebook page or email

To apply for Sarah please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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