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Foxy {Sponsored}

Update: Thank you to Helen Milton for sponsoring Foxy and helping us to take care of her. Your sponsorship will go toward getting our little lady vaccinated, and making sure she's fed high quality food to grow up big and strong for her forever home! 💕

Foxy's Story

Foxy is one of our lucky puppies - one of the healthy ones. We found her near our shelter and brought her to live with our little tribe!

We think Foxy is roughly 3 months old, and she is totally full of fun and energy. She will be a fab family member when she is a little older and ready to find her forever home.

Martina, our adopter, has a special soft spot for Foxy (who she calls Foxo)... She says that if you bend down to see her, she's all over your head with her paws & can't stop kissing and licking your face. She's always happy to see us all at the shelter and she's always in the mood for fun!

When she is big & strong enough to go up for adoption, we will add her to the adoption section of the website and post on facebook, so keep your eyes peeled!

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