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Bella {Was Little White - Sponsored}

Update: Thank you to Richard, a family member of one of our adopters, for sponsoring our little lady and naming her Bella! Richard's family have adopted quite a few of our dogs over time, Pepper, Ronnie and Jenny. 💕

The sponsorship will help us to vaccinate our little lady, feed her top-quality food and make sure she is fed the best immune boosters possible, and will also contribute to Bella's outstanding foster home bills.

Bella's Story

'Little White' is luckily a healthy little babe. She was found at the bus station in the town close to our shelter - she'd been left alone and was covered in ticks (she had well over 30).

We cleaned her up and aside from her ticks, she showed no signs of illness or parvo which is a real problem for us right now. Little White is one of our lucky babies. As she was healthy, we managed to find her a place foster home for a little while so that she could be vaccinated before coming to the shelter. We never want to risk getting a healthy puppy sick, mixing with the other dogs before they've had their vaccines!

'Little White' just needs a little bit more time to grow before she can find her forever home.

When Bella is big enough to go up for adoption, we will add her to the adoption section of the website and post on facebook, so keep your eyes peeled!


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