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Hillie {Sponsored}

Update: Thank you to Sharon, Emma, Catherine & Sarah-Jane from Hillhead Livery Yard in Scotland for sponsoring our lovely girl and giving her her name - Hillie! 💕 Your donations are much appreciated and will help keep this little angel safe and well-fed until she's a little bigger and ready to find her forever home. x

This little fluffball's story:

This little lady was left outside our town's sewage & water treatment building. Sadly that's pretty common - for some reason it's a common spot to dump puppies, and sometimes mums with their litters.

This girl was on her own. We think she is roughly 2.5 months old, and she is so, so sweet. She'll need a couple more months time to grow before she can find her forever home, but we'll be taking care of her in the meantime!

We are desperately trying to keep her healthy and will be needing to apply immune boosters and give her extra vitamins every day to support that. She will be vaccinated too - but obviously, there are risks until then, especially with the parvo outbreak in our area - and we'll need to wait a few weeks until she's big enough to get them all.

When she is big & strong enough to go up for adoption, we will add her to the adoption section of the website and post on facebook, so keep your eyes peeled!


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