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5 little potatoes between 2-3 weeks of age were dumped at the local cemetery on a hot concrete with no possibility to hide as here was no natural shade.

**Somebody had left them with two plates filled with water which they spilled…

We don't know for how long they had been there thirsty, exhausted and starving but the moment they heard us, they couldn’t even cry for help…they just drank water from our hands. Their bodies were covered in fleas and blood from flea bites. Sadly, one puppy passed away on the same day we found them.

-this little gem is the only girl, covered with fleas...she literally had blood all over her body from their bites-

There was no chance to let them stay at the cemetery at a temperature of 40 degrees so we urgently found them an accommodation .

Unfortunately we need help to pay for their staying there which is 60 euros (15 per puppy).

It’s really important for them to have their 1st course of vaccination as soon as possible which they still haven’t got due to young age (40 euros)

Currently they are on supplements to keep their good health, so if you are compelled to send more it will be used to buy immune boosters and good quality food.

Can we somehow help these little potatoes?

Help them stay alive and healthy by donating, literarily every £ counts as every £ means one tummy full for a day!

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