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"We were looking for a dog for a while. We always knew he/she had to be a rescue. We both had dogs in the past and we only had rescues and amazing experiences and giving a home to a puppy that only needs love is a very wonderful thing.

We found MISI's in a dog adoption group on Facebook. On the same day, while scrolling through their page and reading about these amazing adoption stories we saw a new post, it was a post for Zika. We both felt immediately connected to this dog we had never seen. We immediately contacted Isidora.

She replied quickly and provided all necessary information, and sent us a questionnaire to fill in. The next day we had a video call with Martina and Isidora and we met Zika. It was so wonderful to get to know him and see the amazing work the girls do.

Taika was born October/November 2018. Arrived in the Netherlands 27th November 2020.

A day later, we were informed we had been approved to adopt Zika, who we have then decided will be named ‘Taika’. The 2 weeks after we continued to be in communication with the girls, receiving videos, photos and updates.

The experience with the transport was also very good. Our driver kept us posted on where he was and the time he would arrive. And then, Taika arrived into our lives.

Taika is 2 years old already, and yet he is like a puppy. He was shy for only 30 min, but once he came into our house he ran around and jumped into our laps. He is the most loving lap dog! He is very playful, happy, and requires lots of petting.

He is very trusting and loves adventures. He has now been to the beach and has several dog friends from the neighborhood to have doggy dates with. We are so happy since he arrived into our lives, it's been almost 2 months and we already had so much fun, so many naps together and so much love shared. Thank you so much ladies for getting Taika to us."

Jan and Alejandra from Wassenaar, Netherlands


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