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Smiling Tufna 🥰

Tufna was adopted in the UK in March this year but the family can't look after her anymore and it seems that Tufna will need a bit of different environment where she could thrive.

,She would suit a younger active family possibly with another dog as she soon gets bored and needs a lot of attention. It's with sadness in my heart that I have to let her go as I can't give her what she needs "- her mum's words.

Can you give our smiling Tufna a home?

  • She will be 3 yo in December

  • mixed breed

  • approx.20kg

  • perfectly behaved in the house, has never chewed anything, although she likes chewing things in the garden

  • toilet trained

  • chases the cat which makes the cat unhappy, therefore a home without a cat would be more suitable

  • walks pretty good on harness, but does pull when she sees other dogs and cats, she will sit but not always stay, waits at the kerb until told to walk on,

  • sleeps through the night, good with people, she can be funny with dogs if she doesn't know them while on lead, and can bark at nothing while in garden

  • as stated above, an active family would be a perfect choice for Tufna as she is an active and young dog, eager to explore and have fun

  • kids must be dog savvy

  • lives in the Hessle, UK atm and we'd like to give the advantage to the people who are living near, so a meet up can be arranged before adopting her.

✔️ Fully vaccinated with all necessary documents ready in order and passport and spayed.

How do you adopt Tufna?

Adoption requires a pre-adoption questionnaire, home check, adoption contract and an adoption fee.

For more information please contact our facebook page or email

To apply for Tufna please fill in our adoption questionnaire.


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