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Yogi ( was Bobi)

After losing our rescue dog Dylan in November 2019, it took until his first anniversary to even think about getting another dog.

John saw a picture of Yogi (Bobi) on Facebook and we all agreed he was ‘the one'.

We filled in the adoption form and soon hear back from Martina, a video chat was arranged and that’s were we got to see our boy for the first time. Words can’t even describe the feeling of seeing him in real time and we started to count down the weeks until he became part of our family.

3rd February 2021 was a day of impatiently waiting for the transport bus to arrive. And at 6pm Yogi was here !!!!!

It took a few days for him to get to know us, our other rescue dog Lottie is an excellent sister, and at 13 years old and a bit stuck in her ways we were so proud of her. We took things slowly with regards to lead training but three days in we went on our first walk, Yogi was an super star !!! And continues to be one every single day.

He’s what we call a complexed character🤪.

He’s a little crocodile first thing in a morning and when he sees he’s going for a walk, he’s a laid back snuggle monster, a squirrel stalker, but can also be nervous and jumpy in a new situation even now. But we wouldn’t change him for the whole wide world.

He’s with us in his forever home and we honestly could not be more grateful to Martina and the rest of the wonderful ladies for giving us the opportunity to be Yogis forever family.

( Yogi, adopted in February 2021 at the age of 2)

Justine, John & Annie- Derby, UK


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