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Aron, alongside his sister Azra, was found by the side of a busy road in the city by rescuer Slobodanka when they were just 4 weeks old. Aron and Azra both grew up in foster with the girls at MISI's Animal Rescue taking care of them and making sure they were happy and healthy until they were sterilised and ready to find their new homes...

(Aron. Born January 2020 - 8 months on arrival. Adopted in September 2020.)

"We fell in love with Aron when we spotted his picture on Facebook. The poor little black dog who had been advertised 3 or 4 times, but was still without a home.

When I got in touch with Martina at MISI's, she told me they had been looking after him since he was a tiny baby, and were struggling to find a home for him... Not for any reason, just because black dogs don't get snatched up so quickly.

I was heartbroken for him and immediately filled in the paperwork.

I was a little apprehensive about the process as I'd heard about people getting scammed recently and some of the overseas rescues being a bit difficult, but this could not be further from the experience I had with the wonderful Serbian ladies. They were really reassuring and made sure we understood what was happening and when.

I have asked 2,234,565 questions since Aron {now Ronnie} arrived with us, and all have been answered with kindness. They are so supportive and friendly, and we still speak regularly. It's also been really reassuring having the adopter community to talk too on Facebook if we need any advice, it's really nice to be part of a dog-loving family.

I can only credit the girls for doing such an incredible job of bringing up our boy. He is so polite, well socialised, and most importantly so healthy. We are very lucky!

We are hoping to adopt a second dog as soon as possible, and would never consider going to anyone else. We've also recommended the ladies to our family and friends, 2 of whom now have their own MISI's fur-children at home too!"

Rachel & Johnny - London, UK


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