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Lovely Ginny the Serbian (Balkan) hound joined our family on 23 March 2021. She had been found wandering the streets on her own before she was luckily fostered by the MISI rescue folks.

She was previously called Lena but we decided to call her Ginny, after Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter on account of her lovely red fur.

When she first arrived after the long journey she was timid, startled by the dishwasher and had no idea how to cope with stairs. Over the first few days she started to settle in more and more. She loved her bed in her crate and found her spot on the sofa!

Having been a street dog, she was very wary of traffic at first when we were out walking but has now got more confident and walks very nicely on the lead.

She loves to play with other dogs and run after other people’s balls. She loves digging and it is her mission to get just one squirrel to come down from the trees in the park to play with her. She stands under the trees (and has been known to try to climb them!) and cries because they won’t come down! She has started to play a little bit with Akiko, my girlfriend’s spaniel-lab, and is not above stealing Akiko’s bed at night after giving her a hard stare to make her move! She gives Bobo the cat a wide berth but hasn’t chased her so knows who is boss there!

Her recall is good when running about with other dogs but she has selectively deaf hound ears when there is any wildlife around so she’s currently only off lead in secure fields but we are working on it. We live by the sea but she is yet to venture in for a swim as she doesn’t like getting her feet wet or the waves.

She is the gentlest girl and so calm and chilled. She doesn’t even get up from the sofa when the doorbell rings! She loves to find sunny spots to snooze in and is a next level rester! She even stayed asleep when she fell out of her bed once during a rabbity dream!

She is very gentle with the children and loves to meet people and dogs while we are out and about. We leaps and wiggles when she’s excited which is very cute! We love how she has slotted into our family so well and are so grateful that MISI chose us to give her her forever home.

By Jenny Tellyn, Uk


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