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Pepper {was Mona} was found wandering the streets at around 12 weeks old. It was her lucky day when she spotted one of the girls from MISI's rescue walking her dogs, and decided to take her chances and follow them home.

Nobody could say no to her lovely little face, so home she came, and then off to a foster home with 10 other puppies so we could find out a little more about her before placing her with her forever family

(Pepper. Born in 2020 - adopted in February 2021.)

"We were looking for a little sister for our boy, Ronnie, who we adopted from the girls at MISI's back in August 2020. We thought he missed his real sister and would benefit from a happy and confident friend around the house.

We spotted this little bundle of fun and immediately thought she'd be a good fit for our home. She's happy, bouncy, sociable and confident, which is pretty incredible given her background, so she's obviously been raised with lots of love in her foster home!

This was our second time around with the girls so we knew the process already - but as before, they were always happy to answer any questions, managed to get Pep home to us really quickly even post-brexit, and sent us lots of pictures and had a video call with us so we could meet her before arrival.

They've been on hand for all the silly questions and advice we've needed about bringing a second dog into our home {as Ronnie wasn't initially over the moon!} - and they've reassured us whenever we've needed it.

I honestly can't imagine adopting from nicer, more helpful people. And I can't believe we got so lucky to be matched with such a gorgeous, friendly, funny dog!"

Rachel & Johnny - London, UK


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