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MISI's rescue is an animal rescue, which was launched by and named after the four of us, Ivana, Martina, Isidora and Slobodanka.


We help stray dogs to find their forever homes. We re-home animals from Eastern Europe across the UK and Europe.


There are lots of dogs in these parts of the world who need our help, and whilst we would love to keep them all and it is so hard to say goodbye, we know that their lives will be amazing with their new families and that the more dogs we re-home, the more we can bring in to foster and help find their forever homes too.

You can contact us at

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We're well on the way to building our own shelter! This means that we can house our doggies ourselves (which will save us up to €1,000 per month in foster bills!) 

This is huge for us, but as you can see, it needed a lot of work before we could move anybody in. Can you help by contributing to our crowdfunder? 


"We love this dog with all our hearts and can’t imagine life without her. We still hear from the ladies regularly to check in on Azra and give us advice about anything should we need it.

We just want to say thank you so much to the MISI queens for our fur goddess. She made 2020 great and has brought us so many smiles and cuddles since she arrived. "

Ollie - London, UK

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We need your help.

One of our adopters decided to set up a Go Fund Me campaign for us, to help us to raise funds for taking in and looking after more dogs through the winter. 

We take in approximately 20 dogs per month, all of whom need medication, vaccinations, food, and shelter.

There is no funding to pay for this. No charity to lean on, no government support. As a small independent rescue with no fundraising so far, most of the time we are funding the care for these precious creatures out of our own pockets. Can you help?

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Sponsor a Puppy

With so many new arrivals at our new shelter, and a lot of them turning up already sick with conditions like Parvovirus and Ehrlichia, we are struggling to cope with mounting vet bills.

Of course, we not only treat the dogs who arrive sick but also invest in vaccination and preventative measure for our healthy puppies too. 

Can you help us by sponsoring some of one new arrivals? Sick or healthy, they need your help - and they might even need a name! 

Instagram | @misisrescue

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